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Extended Plus Policy


Our latest policy is tailored exactly to your needs.

Based on our experience and our clients’ needs and their increasing demands we have created this insurance coverage.

This policy is our future THE BEST one as optimal and comprehensive coverage it provides cover on home and its contents against all risks, besides our careful consideration of our clients’ status and conditions.

Our extended plus policy shall cover loss or damage as a result of:

  • FROST and ICE (frozen water or other liquids frozen in the water pipes or sewers or other installation) as the basic risk without any additional costs.
  • Escape of liquid from gutter or guttering and rainwater downpipes consequential to sudden heavy rainfall of up to Euro 150, – (applicable to all household policies).
  • Any damage to installations of residences building of up to Euro 50,- (applicable to all household policies but for Economic policy)


Basic risks under Extended Plus insurance coverage
Civil commotion and political gatherings
Falling aircraft
Impact damage by motor vehicle
Act of vandalism
Weight of ice, snow or sleet Х
Frost and ice
Water escape from installation of residence premises

✓– covered

х – not covered

  • Our new extended plus policy does not insure against the risk of weight of ice and snow only
  • Limitation of coverage for the risk of burglary theft and robbery is up to Euro 7,500.

The policy offers coverage options including additional perils:

  • Flood, torrent and high waters
  • Subsidence
  • Snow avalanche
  • Earthquake
  • Glass breakage

Coverage for the risk of earthquake

  • Indemnity for claims arising out of loss of or damage to property caused by over 3.5 magnitude earthquake measured on the Richter Scale.
  • Any loss of or damage to a building incurred as a result of holes or cracks which will not affect stability if the coverage with no deductible is purchased.
  • It is your decision and according to it we shall agree whether to consider deductible or not.
What can be insured with the basic coverage?
Residential buildings (houses, apartment buildings)
Movable property located in the insured property (clothes, personal belongings, furniture, electric appliances) – property not specified in a list.
Other buildings (garages, summer kitchen and etc.)
Alternative accommodation expenses ✓ up to €1,500
Special limitations for basic premium (not listed property)
Residence buildings used for business purposes ✓ additional payment
Cash, securities, gold coins… ✓ up to €750
Jewellery, watches, precious and semi-precious stones ✓ up to €1 000
Valuables, vases, silver items, furs, ivory and ivory items or else ✓ up to €1 000
Paintings and sculptures ✓ up to €1 000
Weapon with regular firearms licence ✓ up to €500
Removable media (data storage devices) ✓ up to €100
Vessels kept inside the insured premises ✓ up to €1 500
TV set, audio and video equipment, alarm devise respectively ✓ up to €750
Computer and computer equipment ✓ up to €750
Laptop, tablet and mobile phone including the property provided to the employees by their employer ✓ up to €500
Movable property located at other buildings ✓ up to €500
Damages to common property in apartment buildings ✓ up to €750
Loss or damage incurred outside the insured location up to €500 for laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Note: The risks against deterioration or wear and tear are not covered.

Alternative accommodation expense

The insurance policies provide coverage for alternative accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable following large damages.


Compensation of costs for renting furnished residence with similar size according to the market price valued in the area of the insured location until the insured property is returned to normal living conditions.

Compensation of removal costs of your personal effects and assets if you decide to move completely out of the insured location.

Third Party Liability Insurance

This insurance is optional for all insurance policies. It shall protect you from the risk of liability if the neighbouring buildings or adjacent property suffers damages caused by your home or your property.

Example: The neighbouring home suffers damages occasioned by the water escape from the installation in your home or the neighbouring home is burned to the ground or suffer damages due to fire in your flat.


  • Renewal of insurance policy
  • No claim bonuses
  • Deductible bonus
  • Group of buildings bonus
  • Special bonus as part of the FAMILY PACKAGE
  • Advance premium payment bonus
  • Longer period of insurance of 5 to 10 years
  • Multiple insurance policies bonus
  • Attested alarms, secure door, code key safe in place.

Payment benefits

  • Possible payment in instalments.
  • Direct deposit made by means of standing order.

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